Restore Memorial Park


The Crown Jewel of San Anselmo


In 1924, the town acquired seven acres of land and built Recreation Park, which was later named Memorial Park. Baseball fields were installed, and in 1933 the American Legion and the Boy Scouts built the Log Cabin.

Early on, Memorial Park became a center of community activity, as did the baseball fields. Locals loved baseball: Teams included the San Anselmo Wildcats and a respected, semi-professional “Merchants Baseball Team.”

Many describe the park as the ‘crown jewel’ of the town. It has been in continual use by the community for the past 92 years.

Over the years a playground, tennis courts, and most recently a skate park were added. Aside from the addition of the above listed amenities, the park has never received any significant renovations.


Get involved

The best way to help with the Memorial Park Restoration Project is to volunteer. A core Project Team has been assembled and is picking up where the Master Plan left off through further engagement with the community around the restoration efforts.

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